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Looking for a particular model?

Drop a message using Contact or email at siffyscornerlabs@gmail.com for personal 3D printing services, design requests, and more! We will print your custom files!

  • Thank you for helping Animals!

    All profit goes to our animal sanctuary, helping us to rescue abandoned animals and find them new homes!

  • Shipping Guarantee!

    All of our products ship in a sea of bubble wrap and air pillows inside of a cozy box!

  • Meet Siffy!

    Drop us a message just to say hi or ask about our products! We love conversation and are more than willing to just chat!

  • Creative Commons / IP Friendly

    We adhere to all Creative Commons Intellectual Property laws - drop us a message if you see anything you have questions about! We will not ignore your concerns!

  • Open Sources

    Own a printer? Just ask us for the model file for any open-license model (check the listing credits!) and we'll send the file to you, no charge!

  • Are you a designer?

    We offer up-front purchase price, plus commission rates for any existing or new designs we can exclusively add to our store! Send us a message to start earning money!