About us!

Siffy's Corner Labs is a veteran owned open-request 3D print lab that opened in May of 2021. We are a non-competitive artisan print shop; our ultimate goal is high quality yet affordable printed models, which means we produce a lot of extra models to test new programs and continue to lower our prices! Instead of throwing our test models away, we pack and ship them along with your order, completely free to you! We average about 30% of orders that contain test pieces, and sometimes they may not even be a current listing!

We hunt the internet to find only the most detailed or unique models that can serve as a proxy or addition to any tabletop game!  Are you a designer looking to grow your Patreon?  Let us know!  We're happy to work with you ^.^

We take print requests for any model, even if you do not see it here! Just send us a message with the 3D model file(s) and we will get to work on it, and probably print you a few extra just for fun!

We recycle everything, not just test models! Most of our packaging material is reused from our own incoming shipments, which saves us from creating (literal) tons of trash each year!

Our business is not for profit! All funds are either returned back into the shop to improve our productivity, or go to our animal sanctuary to help save abandoned dogs and cats in our area!

We are currently not accepting any returns on product, but do let us know if you have any issues with your order via message - we'll get right back to you and figure out how to assist you further! Please note that you will need to pay for additional shipping if your package is returned to us by the carrier due to incorrect address provided.

Please send us a message if you have any questions!

1. All model files, available for sale or used to create new models, are either licensed under CC-Attribution or are Royalty-Free Licenses - no models we produce are intended in any way to appear in likeness to others in an attempt to replace or subvert copyrighted products; any similarities are simply coincidence of the open-license model files we have available. If you have an issue with one of our listings or would like more information about licensing on the models, please send us a message so we can address your concerns immediately. No infringement on intellectual property is intended, and any potential infraction thereof is due to the manner of licensing in which a file is uploaded to public mediums.
2. Siffy's Corner is a privately owned and operated establishment that has no affiliation with Games Workshop, Blizzard, or any other such franchise. We are not an official distributor of Games Workshop or Blizzard products, and none of our products are intended as replacements or substitutes for official products. These items are purely for artistic and modelling purposes and should not be used in any official capacity.  We communicate openly with legal entities so in the event of potential infringement issues, just talk to us!