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Infernal Warbeast (Two Variants; Artillery and Melee) | Miniature Wargaming Models (Den of Imagination) | 28mm Scale

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The product of an AI controlled forge becoming possessed, infernal warbeasts are essential to any chaotically aligned forces!

This model comes with a 120x92mm plastic FDM printed base by default.

Artillery Variants have two different poses for each appendage.  Brawlers have three different poses.  

Artillery Variants will always include at least two heads; one with a plasma cannon inside and one without.  Brawlers will include at least two head variants, but will not have the extra plasma cannon.

Full kits include all available parts for that variant, including both twin cannons for Artillery versions.

Miniatures are solid 3D printed resin and comes with most supports removed! (please check over the part upon receipt to ensure deburr fits your standards before painting!)

All items are (currently) made to order ^.^ Product only ships in a box to reduce potential for damages

Siffy's Corner is a fully licensed patreon of designer Den of Imagination!
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-UV Curing Resin // Basic PLA

Helps Animals

All proceeds go to helping abandoned animals in our area!


-All models are scaled to the 28mm standard

-Not sure about the size still? Send us a message!

-Looking to get the model in a larger or smaller size? No problem, just let us know!

Caring for Resin Prints

-Varnish seals the model both before and after painting

-Models are more fragile than plastic but can still take a light fall

-Recommend using Epoxy Putty to connect pieces

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